Best International Conclude €16.2M Corporate Finance Deal
Best International fund exclusive deal with Portuguese Government

Best International fund exclusive deal with Portuguese Government

The South Manchester based wealth asset management specialists have acquired a 21.6% stake in Oasis Atlântico Hotelaria e Turismo (OAHT) Limited, the business which owns and operates eight hotels in Cape Verde and Brazil.

Best International are rapidly emerging as one of the UK’s leading wealth asset management and financing specialists.

The Oasis Atlantico Hotelaria e Turismo announcement follows hot on the heels of news that the Knutsford based business raised over £22m in Corporate Bonds to enable progress on the Anglesey industrial site into a 299-megawatt heat and power station.

Best International also recently launched the new Resort Development Fund as part of the Falcon Investment SICAV Plc. and paid out £3.3m to Saker Fund shareholders, along with their Lanner car park fund reporting a 69.8% growth in capital value on redemption and acquiring a new firm this month.

Brad Lincoln, CEO of Best International Group of Companies said “We have reached some key milestones as a business over the last 6-months. Numerous activities across the organisation have been underway to develop and strengthen a broader range of services, which have led to a highly successful year for us.

“Both Best International and Oasis Atlantico share a strong commitment to putting the customer at the heart of everything we do and we are confident that the Group will continue to increase its exposure in international markets.”

Alexandre Abade, Group Director responsible for the hotel operation stated “I am very proud that our growing recognition as a trusted hotel group has attracted investors who want to be partners in our growing process.

“This partnership will be a stepping stone for achieving our goals and preparing our next expansion as well as becoming a really international organization. We are delighted to be working with Best International and look forward to more things to come this year”, he added.

OAHT is a key operating company in the Oasis Atlántico Group, which owns and operates 8 hotels in Cape Verde and Brazil. They hold key relationships with Thomas Cook and TUI, with the potential to expand and develop both relationships.

Best International created and direct the Company that was formed to acquire the investment and purchase the OAHT shares. This Company will form a key part of a new operating model for the Group, bringing part of its activity within the UK. This transaction is the first part of a major series of developments to take place this year.

The shares were acquired from Portugal Ventures, a government supported and backed entity. Portugal Ventures is a Venture Capital and Private Equity firm, focusing investments in innovative, scientific and technology-based companies with significant competitive advantages.

Lincoln also stated: “Portugal Ventures only partner with exceptional entrepreneurs, we are therefore pleased to being working with Portugal Ventures and Oasis with an aligned goal.

“This transaction now concludes Portugal Ventures involvement with Oasis – in many ways signalling the emergence of Oasis as a mature resort owner and operator.”

Shareholders in the deal will receive an annual interest payment and potential to earn more throughout the life of the arrangement.

There is much more to come from Best International this year with major activities already firmly underway.