Best International raise the bar in partnership with Scottish Gymnastics
An unprecedented year for the sport

We’re pleased to announce our partnership with Scottish Gymnastics (SG) in the New Year.

Next year Best International will be supporting the National Governing Body for Gymnastics to achieve their mission of achieving sporting excellence, as we work together to encourage greater involvement from gymnastics clubs and raise the profile of the sport.

It is set to be an epic and inspirational year for Scottish Gymnastics with the 2014 Commonwealth Games being hosted in Glasgow; this will certainly be an unprecedented year for the sport. Partnering with Scottish Gymnastics is the perfect fit for us given our innovative and fresh approach, a great platform for us to extend our involvement within the sporting world and develop our network.

We will also be looking at develop a programme of initiatives in 2014 allowing clubs of SG to benefit from their services. They will utilize the expertise and network of Best Travel to help support event management and club travel for the various regions. It is with the creativity and expertise of Best Travel that we intend to extend the wider benefits and build relationships with the SGA network.

One of the first developments under the new partnership will be to enhance communications to members and the general public, as well as assistance with travel and event activities. This will aid with bringing together the club community – not just for the gymnasts, but their families, supporters and spectators.

There are already various events scheduled in Q1 of 2014, including the Scottish Championships and Commonwealth Invitational, therefore the support of Best International will be invaluable.