Best International Present at the London Stock Exchange Elite Seminar:
Best International were selected to present at an expert-led seminar held at the London Stock Exchange this week.

The London Stock Exchange Elite Programme is designed to enable companies to understand and select the different options of funding for their growth story. The programme is specifically targeted at small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s) in order to help them prepare and structure for the next stage of growth through access to long term financing opportunities.

The seminar this week was designed to provide Elite companies’ entrepreneurs and senior managers with the different available fund raising options to plan their company’s growth. The long term objective of the programme being to improve SMEs access to more sophisticated skill-sets, networks and a diversified capital pool in order to accelerate growth opportunities.

Training was led by practitioners, with the knowledge and experience in various aspects of the corporate finance arena, specifically with SME’s in mind. The sessions were part of an “active learning” approach, based on case studies and interactive group exercises to provide valuable insight into opportunities available.

Taking an innovative approach, the programme equally aims to work with an expert panel, entrepreneurs and creative leaders to deliver the guidance and advice to the businesses attending the event. Presenting at the seminar, CEO of Best International, Brad Lincoln, discussed corporate finance, syndicated lending and the different fund raising options available to plan a company’s growth.

Best International’s Corporate Finance division helps businesses structure their finance strategy, consulting on various fund raising options and assisting with the implementation and development of this. Best International have worked with several SME’s to take their business to the next level and help them grow. Working specifically with this type of client, Best International also provides additional services to support clients in all aspects of business. Best Onyx, which is part of the Best International Group of Companies, is a professional services network, helping clients build profitable organisations and enjoy lasting results. Best Onyx has assisted many companies with their core business activity to enable growth, new business opportunities and to increase their overall business performance.