Best International’s experience covers a range of financing options and business model structures across public and private markets, which allows us to tailor solutions based on our client’s key requirements.

Private Client Services

Wealth Management

We work directly with clients to protect and manage their wealth. Aligning money with values, we consider the smart option for our client’s future, in order to achieve the best solution for their wealth and most importantly, what’s required for their long-term benefits. We understand that selecting the right strategy can be difficult and confusing. That’s why we have a highly trained team of professional investment advisors to help with every aspect of our client’s wealth management.

Non-Correlated Investment Strategies

Greyfriars Asset Management LLP (GAM) has a unique understanding of alternative / non-correlated assets. Very few other financial services organisations in the UK can provide the comprehensive service that is available with Greyfriars. Aside from the standard investment strategies that are available, Greyfriars has the ability to structure specific investment solutions for clients with unusual requirements.

Strategic Advice

Given Best International’s extensive knowledge, predominantly in the property arena, this enables us to give practical and professional advice when it comes to key business areas, such as:

  • Corporate Governance
  • Business Planning and Financial Modeling
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Exit Review

Pension Structures

Given the new Pension Schemes Act, there has been greater freedom for retirees over their pension pots and income. However, poor advice, along with fraudulent practices have proved increasingly concerning over the long-term security of individuals, who were suddenly given the power to control their own pensions pots. As a non-overseas company and with the knowledge and expertise derived from more than 30-years in the industry, Greyfriars are a reliable pension specialist.

Geared up to accept the pension freedoms and provide the necessary advice to clients, Greyfriars ensure that clients gain the necessary information and that includes understanding the consequences. Even with free guidance, clients are still left to determine the best solution alone and without gaining all the options, as the Money Advice Service does not fill the gap. People get concerned about the price they have to pay for guidance, however given this is such a big issue, the price is worth paying to ensure the necessary professional advice is gained, rather than leaving to chance and losing out to fraudsters, which effectively means paying more.

Corporate Client Services

Asset Management

As a boutique asset management company, Best International have the ability to adopt a more dynamic approach and have become specialists in various key areas, having achieved pioneering solutions. Working predominantly with corporate clients, we work with businesses to help them grow and develop by attracting new capital and advising on how to better utilise the assets they hold. We have experience in bringing creative solutions to clients in order to maximise the value of their current portfolio.

Corporate Finance

Best International Group of Companies work with corporations at various development stages to raise equity and debt funding. As businesses grow and become increasingly successful, a range of solutions are often required, from early stage equity investment through to working capital to drive growth for the company.

We provide advice with the planning and implementation of the potential funding requirements. Given our access to a sophisticated network, we can provide a range of funding options, including venture capital, high-net-worth-individuals, privately owned companies, family offices and debt providers. We therefore present a creative solution, negotiating key commercial terms in order to generate the best value for clients.

Peer-to-Peer Lending

Securing Peer-to-Peer funding has become an increasingly popular way of borrowing money in the UK. This type of lending has trebled in growth over the last 3 years given the good returns, which can be secured, and the boost it can provide to the company that is receiving investment. Given Best International’s unique position servicing both the corporate and private client, Best International work to create business models for organisations that generate the desired appeal and security for private investors or HNW’s. This enables organisations to elevate their business through the assistance of funding with greater flexibility and provides investors with a range of risk-graded investments that offer the potential for rewarding returns, far exceeding the current market rates.

Specialist service areas.
Proven track record in raising funds.
Innovative solutions for corporate and private clients.

Performance Review

In 2016, we have added to our Group of Companies, launched additional services, acquired new corporate clients and continued to strengthen investors’ returns.

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